New York City Pt. 2: Biking around Manhattan


On a whim, we decided to try out the “Citi Bikes” as a way to cross over into Manhattan from Brooklyn - just for the experience and in search of a good view. I am now convinced this is THEE way to explore New York. (as long as you have a nice day!) We found it to be much quicker than the subway OR an Uber/taxi for most of our treks from one area of the city to another! Plus - theres always that added bonus of the extra exercise you’re getting in!

Next time you are in NYC - try renting a Citi Bike! One of my top recommendations from this last trip we took!

OK guys I promise.. this is 2 out of 3 for my New York City Posts - so you just have to bear with me for one more round of photos!

Happy Friday!