Jett goes to the toystore

learning tree leawood

The world just keeps expanding daily for Jett as his ability to walk (or run!) gives him the means to explore on his own terms! As a family, it has been so much fun to try new activities this summer as Jett gets older. We have been to toystores before, but never when Jett could walk around and play himself. We stopped in the Learning Tree at Park Place in Leawood, and he was so excited to check everything out that once I set him down - he was off! I tried to pick him up a couple of times and he was just not having it! He wanted to be down to make his way through all the toys. 

Do your toddlers have a favorite toy or activity? Or drawn to something specific when they play? For Jett - wheels are hands down his favorite thing to play with. He loves steering wheels, wheels on toy cars - just anything that spins! He will sit and contently spin things all afternoon! It is so funny to watch his little serious face as he spins wheels around. 

I'm so excited for this part of life we are at right now - so much interest in the world around him and we get to watch him explore and learn and experience! It makes me see the world in a whole new light again. 

Baby Jett we love your curiosity! Keep exploring little boy!

"mom let me go play!"