Evening at Park Place {and some thoughts on having a walking babe!)

Park Place with kids

We took Jett to Park Place last night (last time I brought him, he was bound to my hip the entire evening for a blogger event we attended and he didn't get to truly experience for himself!) I have been wanting to come out here for awhile - especially now that Jett is older and walking because of the big lawn in the center common area. Jett is also Mr. Social... (cough cough, I wonder where he got that from? oh yeah.. his dad!) and I knew he would love running around with other kiddos in the open space. . Let me tell you... Jett was in paradise. He ran around, played with the Big Jenga blocks, chased around other kids, and was totally engrossed in checking out the fountains. He was in toddler heaven! (Plus don't get me started on that gelato from Paciugo! Seeing Jett sitting on that bench like a little boy overcome with anticipation for that next bite of amerana gelato - priceless!)

It got me thinking to how life has changed since Jett became mobile and walking. I think it had been playing in my head like a broken record "get ready for him to start walking! Life will never be the same!" that I had heard from countless other parents. It made me nervous that it would be much more stressful to have Jett boppin' around - a little unstable and totally unaware of dangerous steps, uneven surfaces, busy roads, etc.

But you know what...overall, I LOVE having a little walker! He is so much more independent.. can be entertained more easily.. plus I love seeing his curiosity put to work as he makes his way around. An evening like this at Park Place was so special for me - to see my husband and little boy laugh, play, and run around. I am just so amazed at HOW we have gotten to this point, when it seems like only yesterday Jett was a newborn sleeping through 80% of the day! 

Love this little family of mine.

What about you? How did life change with a walking babe?


evening at park place
evening at park place
evening at park place