Weekend Musings


It seems like most weekend fly by... you blink on Friday afternoon and all the sudden its Monday morning! Well this weekend was the complete opposite for us... and that NEVER happens! I was sitting on the couch last night looking back at all we did and it seemed like we crammed a weeks worth of fun activities into two days. (In a good - didn't feel stressed from the busy-ness type of way)

Friday we last minute decided to head to Whole Foods, pick up some dinner and head to the park for a picnic. We ALMOST skipped it - the thought of packing up Jett and making the trip sounded a little daunting when we both had a long week, and lounging on the couch just sounded easy and comfortable - but I am so glad we made the effort because it was pretty wonderful. (I made a little video from the evening - watch it HERE on my IGTV channel!)

Saturday I got up and got my Health House workout in, and came home and got some work done around the house while Jett napped and Brandon had tennis. After Jett woke up, we sat on our back patio for lunch and enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather (seriously 85 degrees seems so amazing after these 97 degree scorchers we have been having!) Some friends stopped by and we all decided last minute to go to the lake and take the kiddos out on Brandon's parents boat. 

Jett had a blast in the water! He wasn't a huge fan of his life jacket, because it made it much harder for him to get his snacks to his mouth (hoping you caught my Instagram story video of him trying to eat a cracker but not able to quite get it in his mouth!)

Sunday we had an early breakfast at Aixois, a little french restaurant with a nice patio that we USED to come with when it was just us and Mochi - but this time was Jett's first time! 

More productivity around the house during Jett's nap, (which was a solid three hours!! He must have been tired from all that swimming on Saturday!) 

For dinner we decided to head to North Italia - another old favorite that we rarely get to enjoy anymore! We love their happy hour - a pizza and bottle of wine for 20$ - can't beat it!

How was your weekend!?

meg cusick blog
meg cusick blog

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