10 (more) things you may not know about us!

cusick family - meg, brandon and jett

I did this post back in the fall, (read it here!) but its always fun digging up more random facts!

1.  Brandon and I were both born in Southern California -  45 minutes (well and 2.5 years) away from each other.

2. Brandon is half Chinese, making Jett one-quarter Chinese! He is proud of his heritage and has a little tradional "Changshan" that should fit him by for Chinese New Year, next year!

3. I was a pretty unhealthy teen - I vividly remember coming home from school, and making a entire baking sheet of those Pilsbury peel-apart honey biscuits for myself on several occasions! I didn't even start eating fruit until I was in college!

4. Jett's favorite party trick (currently) is to imitate dog barking. Anywhere we go if he hears a dog bark he tries to imitate it. 

5. Brandon is perfectly happy to relax and sit around in his jeans - while I change into lounge clothes the moment I get home. Jett is on my team and wears lounge clothes all the time - he loves a good romper just like his mom.

6. I took photography in high school and kind of hated it. I got a C and totally wrote off that I could be artistic or creative in anyway.

7. Jett loves everyone even strangers - he puts his arms out to be held by anyone after he sizes them up for a minute or two. I am pretty sure he will be a social butterfly just like his dad.

8. Brandon can (and has) eat a entire bag of red swedish fish in a sitting. (But I gotta say that we have been trying to cut out more sugar in our diet and I haven't seen him have even one fish in months!) other favorites include peanut butter M&M's and sour patch kids.

9. Brandon was on MTV's "Parental Control" when he was in college. If you remember the concept of the show - the parents didn't like the person their child was dating and would interview suitors. Each parent would choose one person for their son or daughter to go on a date with. Brandon was chosen by a mom to date her daughter. At the end of the show - the daughter could choose to stay with their current boyfriend or choose one of the people her parents picked. Brandon WON. She picked him over her boyfriend. (it was actually fake and they didn't actually date after the show ended! hahaha)

10.  When we first got married we lived in a 500 square foot apartment in Boston. We slept on a lofted bed that we climbed a ladder to get to. Brandon was studying at Harvard at the time and would be up late studying - since it was one room, I would have to wear earplugs and a face mask to sleep! We also had a crazy awful winter with something like 120 inches of snow. We were so cooped up we brought our bikes into the apartment and set them up on a indoor trainer just to keep us sane so we could get some exercise in. (here is a fun little video if you want to see it!... which I can't believe I am sharing because it was a hot mess!!! no judgments, I mean it was 500 square feet!)