My purpose as an Influencer

white eyelet crop, linen pants

Ahhh that dreaded word that I hate hearing... "influencer". To be honest, the word "blogger" doesn't seem that appealing to me either. I sort of cringe when I have to refer to myself as one of those two terms. Now I know I am such a small fish in a BIG pond of thousands upon thousands of people who have made blogging their jobs- and I don't even know if my website or Instagram stats technically qualify me to write on such a subject, but just recently I have felt just so honored to be in this space - to be followed by a growing audience that I love to connect with so much.  When I first started blogging in 2013 - my first, very brief attempt that I later quit two months later (I kick myself daily for quitting), it was because I loved fashion. I shared outfits and would write blog posts that were very short and to the point - "these sandals are the best!" "this sweater is the coziest!". Not to say theres anything wrong with that, because lets be honest, most people come to your blog to scroll through photos and skim through what you wrote - at least in the fashion blogging space. 

But over this past year or so - my restart in the world of blogging - I have completely transformed in my identity as a blogger. It is not only my space to share my love for fashion, but I also LOVE to share the substance too. I know how terrified I felt in the beginning to share the more personal side - but the more I do, the more exponential my growth - (my personal growth not the number of followers I have) has been. I have gained new friends, learned SO much from others, and learned a whole lot about myself as well.

I have felt compelled to write a "mission statement" or letter of purpose for myself as an influencer for about a week now. I have never felt more inspired, driven or confident in - and I would love to share with you a list of things I strive for each and every day- from Instagram stories, to blog content, to anything and everything I share on social media.

1. To connect with other like-minded individuals

Even though a lot of the people I have become close with via Instagram - I have never even met - I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to feel a close level of connection with so many awesome people. Whether we bond over being moms - or loving fitness and heathy eats - or photography, I get so inspired daily.... hourly, by scrolling through my feed and seeing your stories, photos, and messages.

2. To share things that matter to me

Everything I share- from the big more meaningful stuff - to the smaller things on the lighter side is something that matters to me and hopefully something that is helpful for you. From my thoughts on marriage and parenting, to a toy that Jett likes, or my favorite new outdoor rug I just bought. My hope is that something resonates with you and even if that means that I helped you find some cute new summer sandals that you like, or a new recipe you want to try - I find joy in passing along whatever it is that you are looking for! What I love about social media is that spread of knowledge! It is so easy to share new ideas, and things we learn from others... what an amazing concept!

3. To create interesting, inspiring content

I LOVE content creation. It just boggles my mind that there is an countless number of ways to be creative in this space. The combination of photos, videos, and words is INFINITE. I keep a notebook filled with ideas of creative content. I am always challenging myself to think outside the box - by taking inspiration from others and adding a new spin on it. My hope is to pass on those feelings of inspiration to YOU too. Whether that be inspired to get more into photography so that you can take cool photos of your family.... or inspired to start eating healthier...or even just inspired to start sharing more of your story! 

4. To continue to grow as a mother, wife, daughter, and friend.

I have talked on my blog about the takeaways of social media - both the positive and negative sides - but I can't tell you how much I have changed for the better in this past year. My confidence has grown, my work ethic has doubled, and my desire to be a better all-around human has become more and more important to me. There will always be days where the "bad" sides of social media can get to me - I have days where I feel overwhelmed, tired, and uninspired - absolutely. But way more often than not, my blog and my social media presence has been a very GOOD thing for me.


If you have been a reader for awhile - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate you and your visits to my website, your follows on my Instagram, and all your sweet messages you have sent!

 If you are new, I am so excited that you are here! I hope we can connect more along the way as I share my life stories, interests, and passions!