Jett Oliver: 9 months

Jett Oliver 9 months old

Jett baby you are 9 months old!!!! 

You are into EVERYTHING. You can't sit still because your mind is always running, always curious about the world around you. You finally learned to army crawl, and will get up on your knees every now and then, but most of the time, you just drag your legs behind you - one knee bent in front of you and the other leg straight behind you. (I just say that you must love yoga and are an expert at pigeon pose) You would much rather stand and scale the furniture than anything else and I feel like we may have a walker sooner rather than later!! You adore people - all people.. and put your arms out when you want them to hold you. Whether that be a neighbor, a friend, or a complete stranger - you are not afraid! You love food and anytime someone is eating you just look at them with your grandpa face (pictured above) and glare, hoping that you too will get a bite. You recently had 2 teeth pop up so quickly and out of nowhere! You love to chat and imitate noises all day long (just like your daddy!) You LOVE to play peekaboo and giggle with delight when you do it. You love to clap, and just yesterday started to wave!

Dear baby boy, we just adore you! You are the light of our lives and continue to amaze us by all that you can do, and how quickly you learn. Love you SO MUCH, sweet boy!