Jett Oliver: 8 months

jett oliver 8 months

Jettie! 8 months of you in our lives, I can't believe it! You are now so big that in order to fit you in the photo you have to sit up! This month has been a big one for us, so many things to cover in our update! In the past 30 days you have become so strong and wriggly in our arms - we know you want to be able to move around so badly but at the same time you still hate being on your tummy and even though you are perfectly capable of crawling - you haven't quite figured out the mechanics.. (and that's okay with us.. I hear that when you get mobile there's no looking back!) You love to mimic everything we do and are such a little chatterbox - you will pick a favorite sound for a day or two and then move on to mastering something else. Currently you love making high pitched "bird noises" while you go about your day - so far this is my favorite along with when you blow raspberries. You have to have your hands on everything.. anything in reach you need to touch and feel and pick up. This month you also mastered holding your own bottle which has been quite nice for mom when she has to get ready for work in the mornings! The teething process has officially begun - the first night the pain hit, you woke up with tears in your eyes and it was so heartbreaking to see! For the past couple weeks we can tell that those teeth are coming in and that you aren't quite happy about it.. but we can usually distract you with some toys, or going on a walk and you perk up and your mood lightens a bit. You still love bath time - and just bedtime routine in general! Baby fish is by far your favorite book and sometimes I will read it to you 3 times in a row because you love it so. You love going to the park and getting in the swing and we are just so excited for warm weather and know that this summer will be filled with outside fun! You have moved from 3 naps a day to 2, which honestly has been great because it means more time to get out and about without having to worry about cutting into naptime. You have tried so many new foods, and like pretty much everything! We love bringing you to dinner with us and letting you try new things, but I think your favorite continues to be bananas or sweet potatoes. Jett Oliver, I can't believe your 1st birthday is just months away! I will cherish these next few months while you are still my baby. We love you so little boy!!