Favorite basics

baby Jett and basics for spring

BASICS! I love me some basics! Investing in a few good pairs of jeans and tees goes a longggg way. There are so many time where I scour my closet forever searching for something to wear..and I can't settle on anything... and then as soon as I decide to reach for the good ol jeans and tee I am always happy I did. If you have a good foundation of reliable peices, you will always have that "back up" that you know you are comfortable in. Then add a fun piece of jewelry, or even a pair of strappy heels to give it a little something, and its out the door! 

The time changed last weekend, and all the sudden it seems like there is a million things on our calander! Before, when getting off work, the day seemed basically about over, but now that the weather is warming up - theres so many options to spend our time! Walks with Jett, dinners out, finding a patio somewhere to chat with friends - endless possibilities!

Who else is excited for more daylight, patio weather, and sunshine??