Quick weekend visit to Fort Collins

colorado state baby

Last weekend we flew to Colorado for a long weekend to see my parents. The last time we had visited Jett was about 6 weeks old, so it was about time for another trip out - this time for some snow, Jett's first trip to the park, and his first college basketball game! (Jett even made it on ESPN!) It's so nice to have my parents a quick 50 minute flight away, as difficult as it can be flying with a baby, it definitely helps when all you have to commit to is less-than-one-hour of flying time. I must say, the older Jett gets, we are definitely realizing more challenges with travel! I think we are in that in-between stage of him not wanting to sit still - but not interested enough in distractions (for very long anyways). A few walks up and down the aisle seems to do the trick of keeping him busy and content. Our next flight is in mid-March and will be around 2 and a half hours so until then I will be doing my research for some good plane toys and distractions. Anyone have any suggestions??

Happy Friday, its been a LONG week and I am excited to have a little relaxation time!