Easy Valentines Day Hair tutorial

valentines day hair tutorial

Valentines Day is Wednesday and for those of you who have plans this week with your special someone (does anyone else celebrate any other day BUT Valentines to avoid crowds and surging prices??) have a little try with this easy knotted braid hair style for your dinner date. It can easily be done with a few clear-elastic bands, a hand mirror (to use to see the back of your head), and a few hair products to give you a bit more texture and volume.

moroccan oil dry texture spray

There are two products that come in handy for anytime you are doing any kind of braid, twist, or pony. First is this dry texture spay gives your hair exactly that- some extra texture (which is especially great if you have lots of dimension in your hair already - a little texture brings that out even more)

moroccan oil molding cream

We also used a little Molding cream since my hair was clean and we needed a bit more structure. 


After applying the hair products... Start by pulling the top section of hair back -starting at your crown and tie with your first clear hair elastic. You can pull out a few strands to frame your face if you'd like, giving it a more "naturally messy" look.


Next, starting right above your ears, loosely pull the next section of hair back, including the section that is apart of the ponytail above, and secure with the second clear hair elastic. After the elastic is in place, gently pull the section that is apart of the ponytail out of the second elastic a little bit to give the section more volume. The final elastic - don't grab any more hair, but instead place about two inches down the current ponytail. Use the same technique to pull out the hair from the final elastic, matching the volume of the section above.

valentines day hairstyle

Finally, curl the ends of your hair to your liking and finish with some.. hair spray. Easy peasy and ready for date night!

moroccan oil hair spray

I love this Moroccon Oil Hairspray (and ALL the Moroccon Oil products - it smells amazing and manages to keep your hair light and bouncy without weighing it down.


Special thanks to Amanda at Stem Hair Salon in Merriam for the style (and is the one responsible for my ombre color as well!)

Beautiful photos by  Gilded Crown Photography