3 Reasons to Love February

plaid trench

OK, I can't be alone in feeling like February is one of the worst months.. The Holidays are long gone and everything is dead and grey outside. There may be dirty snow piled on the edge of the road, or if there isn't any snow the grass is most certainly a sad shade of brown. I decided to write this post to challenge myself to find the good in this sad wintery month.. so here goes nothing!!

1. Hey it's getting lighter outside!

The glimmer of hope that spring is on the horizon. What used to be pitch-black-darkness at 7 AM is now glowing with the sunrise. Each day the daytime gets a little bit longer and gives us a bit more reason to celebrate!

2. Valentines (or Galentines) Day

I know some people are not into the Day of Love, but I have always really enjoyed it. And not for the conventional - go -out-to-eat reason, but finding other fun ways to celebrate. When I was single, that meant a fun date with my bestie - making a heart shaped pizza and watching girly movies or sushi and fro-yo. Now with Brandon we always try to do something fun that allows us to really connect. Indoor rock climbing, making a dinner at home, or playing Mario Kart and snacking on popcorn are some recent favs!

3. Last month to just indulge in some R&R time on the couch.

I try to stay positive and instead of looking at how weve been cooped up inside for a few months now - I look at it as - this may be our last full month of just taking it easy before the busy-ness of spring starts up! Don't feel bad about those Netfix binges and eating dinner on the couch - just own it!


It's not long friends, hold on to your dreams of warmer days!