Treat your Valentine to a little R&R and Glowing Skin

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after facial Radiance Beautiful Skin

The morning after my facial at Radiance - (I went makeup free the whole day!)

Valentines Day is one of those holidays that I have just always loved. As a kid I couldn't wait to assemble my shoebox at school for all the Valentines I would receive. And going to the store to pick out the themed pack of cards and type of candy I would give to my friends - I still remember those days like it was yesterday. Even now I always look forward to Valentines, just because I love giving little gifts of appreciation to my loved ones. I think one of my favorite gifts to give has been spa gift certificates - it is the ultimate thank you in my opinion, as who doesn't love and deserve a day of indulgence and ultimate relaxation? 

I recently had one of the best day of spa treatments I have ever experienced at Radiance: Beautiful Skin here in Kansas City. Over the years I have had a massage or facial here and there, but never really found a spa that I frequented, or went back to time-after time. But after my services at Radiance, and I think its safe to say I have found my spa-home!

(Now, to set the record straight before I go on, I must say that I am very selective on what I endorse here on my blog. I won't write about anything I don't truly believe in - it is so important to me to stay real and share with you my actual thoughts and experiences)

What I love about Radiance was the personalized touch that I received throughout. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and genuine. In the past, especially at bigger and/or chain spas, I have felt like maybe I get the same spiel as everyone else that comes through the door, but this was different (and how refreshing is it to get individual, sincere attention!)

I started my experience with a 60 minute relaxation massage that was probably one of the best I have ever had. (raise your hand if you like lots of pressure to get those knots out!) The therapist listened to me explain my problem areas and spent extra time working on them - the tightness I battle in my lower back received the special attention it deserved! After those heavenly 60 minutes I was given a plush robe and slippers and moved onto my next treatment. I then met Tara, the owner of Radiance in the next room for my customized facial. I gave her some thoughts on what I experience with my skin and she confidently and knowledgeably talked me through what we would do to make my facial experience the most beneficial as she began my service. The hour included a HydraFacial - something I hadn't experienced before.. life-changing! My winter skin instantly felt refreshed, brightened, and moisturized. What I loved about Tara's facial was how she walked me through everything she was doing and how it would benefit my skin. It was relaxing and refreshing, and I felt not only rejuvenated, but motivated to continue caring for my skin at home going forward. 

If you are in Kansas City and looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift that will pamper your mom, sister, bestie - whomever! I highly recommend a gift certificate for a massage + facial as   I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Tara and the staff at Radiance. Right now (and up to February 14th for you last minute folks..who, you are not alone...I find myself as a part of that group quite often) you can buy a gift certificate, or just call and schedule an appointment for a 6o minute massage + 60 minute facial for only $150 for the pair! Shop local friends! Click here to visit the website or call and book an appointment today!

As always, all opinions my own - I only write about what I truly believe in!