A day in the life...

a day in the life of the Cusicks

The topic of balance has come up quite a bit recently. Balancing life as new parents- both with full time jobs and activities on the side. It has DEFINITELY been an adjustment ever since we added Jett to the mix, but for a few months now we have been in somewhat of a rhythm - an ever-evolving rhythm, but a rhythm just the same.

I have been reflecting on the changes a brand new baby has brought along and honestly I have never worked harder, or been more busy in my life. At the same time, I also feel like I have thrived with all the added responsibility. It has forced me to purposefully carve out the time I need for all the things I WANT to do. I may have less time for me - but when I do, its really rewarding and rejuvenating. 

So I thought I would share a little "day in the life" for our family as it stands right now in this season of our lives:


Like I mentioned above, both Brandon and I work full time - and I have been back at work since October after a three month maternity leave. Weekdays now seem to just fly by faster than I have ever experienced..(and maybe its just because I am getting older!?) I am an early riser - and even more so since Jett was born. This may sound just horrible to you night owls, but my alarm goes off at 4:45, and most days I am up by 5:00 AM. Honestly I love mornings and have since college, so when my alarm goes off I am excited to get up and have my first cup of coffee. I typically will work on the blog for about 45-min to an hour (this is when I do editing of photos, writing posts, scheduling my Instagram posts for the day, etc) then most days around 5:45 or 6 I will go to the gym or workout class. A couple days a week I lift weights, a couple days a week I do some sort of class like Spin, or hot yoga.. or a random class I pick off from my CityShape membership. When its warm out I throw in a run outside from time to time. I like mixing it up and I think it helps to have variety - if I just don't FEEL like lifting weights, I figure out an option that sounds good for that morning. Brandon is not typically an early riser like me, so when I am up this early, both he and Jett are still sleeping. If Brandon isn't home (out of town for work), I will either do a HIIT workout at home, or workout over lunch later in the day.

After I'm done working out, I shower - and by this point its usually around 7 ish- and the time Jett starts moving around and waking up. He is a pretty predictable sleeper which he has been for about a solid month now. I am thankful for this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because I know that we really lucked out with him being such a great little sleeper! Brandon usually will go get Jett and change him and play with him until I am done showering and getting dressed. I then feed Jett while Brandon showers and gets ready. (Currently I am still breastfeeding but we are now at a point where I only feed him first thing in the morning and the rest of the day he gets bottles). Then its playtime! Jett is like me and just loves mornings! He jumps in his jumper, he plays with his toys, I read him books.. and I really treasure this hour because its the one time of day during the week I really get to spend good quality time with him. Brandon joins us too when he is done getting ready - and I am again so thankful that both of us can spend this time with Jett before we have to go to work. We have been introducing solids now for over a month so we typically get Jett in his highchair for a little breakfast too.

We share a Nanny with a neighbor who has a little girl a few months older than Jett. She comes to our house three times a week, and we take Jett over to the neighbors house twice a week. Our nanny is so wonderful and great with the kids and it definitely makes going to work a lot better - knowing he is in such great hands. 

It's then off to work for both Brandon and I.. we both work in healthcare (the business side) and coincidentally enough our respective offices are about a block from each other. Most days we even get to meet for lunch which is great - its like a little "date lunch" built in to our days. 

After work I go pick up Jett if its a day he is at the neighbors, or just come home if he is at our house. At this point he has usually just woken up from his last nap of the day and we have about an two hours together before bedtime routine starts. Brandon typically works a little later than I do, so for about an hour Jett and I do some more playing, and I feed him a bottle if he's hungry. It's typically a more tricky time to navigate as sometimes he is fussy or just not as happy as he is in the mornings. (normal baby stuff - its been a long, exhausting day for that little body!) We also do some more solids for dinner and when Brandon gets home, Jett gets some playtime with Daddy before bath time. 

Bedtime routine starts at around 6:45 (give or take, depending on how tired Jett is) and we start with a bath. Jett LOVES the bath, and no matter how fussy he is - as soon as he sees us turn on the water for the bath - he perks up and squeals with delight! After the bath, we get him in his PJ's, and read a story or two (lately he is so into looking at books, its so cute!). It's then lights out, lullaby music on and Jett gets his final bottle rocking in his rocking chair. Brandon and I typically trade off bedtime duties (which is great - I am so thankful for him !!) Jett is usually asleep by 7:30 for the night! 

After Jett is asleep depending on the night - we either make dinner together (usually something quick, we rarely actually COOK something - although were working on that) or Brandon has tennis one or two nights a week, and I just make something quick for myself. (Since I get my workout done in the mornings, I am always happy for Brandon to get his exercise in too!) I am such an old person and go to bed by 9 ish, so usually its a quick dinner and we watch something on Netflix together (if its a night Brandon isn't playing tennis) before I go to bed. We laugh because usually that means 1/4 or 1/3 of a movie. I just like to say that its kind of like we get 3 little movies instead of one big movie - the more the better right?!


Weekends are far less routine, and these days we don't have much going on for the weekends as we are mid-winter and its just cold and no one really wants to go anywhere! If we DO do something, it might be brunch with friends or family, get in a walk if its nice, or make a Costco run together. I love doing Spin class on Saturday mornings at 9, and Brandon stays with Jett while I get to spin class. Then later in the day we trade Jett duties if Brandon wants to get a workout in. Brandon also has tennis matches on Saturday's a lot of the time, so Jett and I plan his naps accordingly so we can make it over to watch him play. Otherwise, its super low-key: I do laundry, we pick up around the house - just the stuff thats hard to get to during the week.

Now that its late February I'm really looking forward to spring and warmer days! Now that Jett's getting older, I know we will take more walks, go to the park, and just get outside as much as possible. We are really feeling that end of winter "cabin-fever" and are itchin' for warmer temperatures! 

Always, friends - thanks for reading!