Jett Oliver: 7 months

jett 7 months

Jett Oliver, oh my goodness we love you so. The last month you have become such a busy body.. always touching, grabbing, and studying everything around you. Gone are the days where we could read you a story and you just watch in wonderment at the colors of the pages - now you have to grab it..feel it, pull it toward you. You have just about mastered sitting up and this is now your preferred position as you can play with all your toys for long periods of time without making a peep because you are just SO INTERESTED in what they are all about. "DADA" is a constant flow most days, although recently you discovered the "B" sound and "BABA" has been a fun one for you to say. You absolutely love to watch Mochi - smiling at him as he walks by - and he loves you too! He is always trying to bring you toys so that you can toss them for him (he hasn't quite figured out that you aren't capable of that quite yet) Your best friend, Caroline, your neighbor buddy that you have grown up sharing a nanny with, makes you so excited when she comes over. If you are in your jumper, you jump up and down and give the biggest smile when you see her! Crawling hasn't been too much of interest quite yet as you have never been too happy being on your belly- although that is quickly changing as you comfortable roll over to reach for your toys. Bath time is still your favorite time of the day, and second favorite is anytime you are in your bouncer. (close third is just being naked!). You have tried lots and lots of new foods, and your favorites are a smoothie concoction made up of Greek yogurt, banana, oatmeal and strawberries, along with anything sweet potato. Vegetable purees are at the other end of the spectrum - you do NOT like anything green like broccoli or green beans - to much dismay of your mom who was hoping you would love vegetables like her! (we still have time!)

Love you sweet little guy! Keep on growin' (but not TOO fast!)

Love, Mom & Dad