2018 Travel Plans & Bucket List

2018 travel

2017 was a huge year for us for travel. We knew baby boy Cusick was on his way, and we wanted to take full advantage of the freedom we had just the two of us! It was our second time to Europe together (well third if you count the first time we actually met) and like always our trip failed to disappoint! Anytime I go back to pull old photos from a trip like this - the memories just start flooding back to me and I find myself a little happier when I finish looking at them. Thank God for photos and memories!! 

This year we still have some travel plans for the books, with some wiggle room for more. Most years we have at least one big trip but I think this year we're taking it a little easier as we navigate with little Jett man. Our travel calendar looks like this (so far with room for changes and additions!)


Colorado: a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado to see my parents for a few days.  We love these little hour long flight getaways to the mountains! And Fort Collins is such a fun town, we try to make a trip out there every couple of months.

POSSIBLY Charleston, SC: this one is still up in the air for me. Brandon is headed out there for a tennis tournament, and were trying to decide if just I will come, or if I stay home all together. Originally we were planning on bringing Jett, but its just a long day of flying just for a long weekend. We will see....


Las Vegas: every year we head to Las Vegas for the Mountain West college basketball tournament and to watch my Dad coach. It will be Jett's first trip and he will be about 8 months old, so we will see what kind of mischief he gets into out there!

Sacramento, California: after our few days in Vegas we are headed straight to Sacramento to see family. My mom's side of the family all lives out there and we can't wait to introduce them to Jett for the first time.


Scottsdale: more tennis tournaments for B, and an excuse to go to our favorite little getaway spot! It's hard to say no to a trip to Scottsdale!


Santa Barbara, CA.: So excited for this one as we go to watch our good friends tie the knot in one of my favorite cities in California! Jett will most likely be staying with Grandma too, so it will be a fun trip for just the two of us.

Late Summer/Fall:

Boston: We have been itching to get back out to Boston as it has been a few years since we have been back! No specific date hammered down yet, but its going to happen.

We still have some vacation time to fill, and right now were leaving that open for the second half of 2018. No plans for International travel THIS year but hopefully were back at it in 2019.

And now to the Bucket List (this year and beyond)

Its actually hard to write a bucket list because I think we want to go pretty much everywhere but here are a few that have been front runners for awhile now:

Utah for its big national Parks: Ok so, Brandon has done this trip without me, but he has agreed that he would do it again with me because it was just so cool. Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Zion... I would LOVE to go out there and hike around for a few days.

Charleston: this one MAY happen in February, but if it doesn't I'm keeping it on my bucket list because I have always wanted to go.

Aspen/Vail/ somewhere in Colorado for the summertime: Summer is hands down my favorite time to go to Colorado (I'm not much of a ski person). Looking to add a trip to CO this summer, but we shall see.

okay now for the international stuff:

South Africa: We have talked about this one for forever and its definitely one of our top picks. We almost planned it for April of this year, but its going to have to wait until next year.

Australia: One of these years we hope to head to Melbourne so B can fufill his dream of watching the Australia Open. 

Tokyo, Japan: We are entertaining going for the Olympics in 2020. Jett will be three! (Sounds crazy to me that he will be that old) 

Germany: The next part of Europe I REALLY want to go to. Both times we went to Italy we had entertained spending a few days somewhere in Germany, but the plans always fall through. I would really love to go to Munich!

Spain: I have been to Barcelona for just a couple days and it wasn't enough! There was so much to see and do (plus just lots of good food) that I feel we need to go back. Plus would love to make it a week to 10 day trip and visit other cities: Valencia, Madrid, Malaga as well!

Happy wanderlusting!