The most rewarding (and the most challenging) parts of new-motherdom


The Three Best Things:

1. Early mornings with a happy baby

Most of the time, we start our days around 6:30 or 7, after the first feeding of the day (or you could say, last feeding of the night? ... ) I have tried multiple times to lay him back down after that first feeding in hopes of getting another hour or two , but usually two things happen: baby Jett is wide awake and ends up making so much noise in his bassinet, and it's difficult to fall back asleep...AND I'm just a morning person and I love getting up, enjoying some coffee and breakfast and getting the day started! Jett is also just so happy and alert at this time of day. He makes lots of cute faces, loves to stare at both mommy and daddy, and we typically get in some tummy time as his patience later in the day for this type of thing dwindles. I'll happily trade that last hour of sleep for this special time I share with little man!

2. Watching him change and grow

Its been about a month since Jett was born and I know we have SO many milestones yet to reach in his development on the horizon but even in these first four weeks we have seen so many changes! He went from not being able to make eye contact with anything to now being able to track our faces as we move, or stare at anything around him that he notices. His expressions, although probably more just out of reflex than personality, are just SO darn cute as he moves from smiles and grins to a furrowed brow and pouty lips. I just get so excited about watching him continue to grow over the next year and beyond!

3. Being his mommy

Simply put, I just love being his mommy! Caring for this little baby has been more of a blessing that I ever could have imagined. 

The Three Most Challenging Things

1. The first moments where I have to get out of bed to nurse in the middle of the night.

It's honestly only those first seconds where I have to get out from under my covers and put my two feet on the floor. Those moments never seem to get easier. But once I'm up, it's really not that bad! I get to pick up my sweet little babe and usually those feeding sessions last 20 minutes or less, and I love spending that time with him, especially in the middle of the night. He's sleepy and always adorable.

2. Hearing him Cry

Oh man, does this hit me hard! We have had a couple episodes where its hard to figure out what he needs to calm down and those little screams really get to me! It is the worst feeling in the world to hear him upset and not be able to comfort him. I feel like I am slowly getting better at being OKAY when he is crying, but it still really pulls on my heartstrings!

3. Feedings every 2 hours (or less!) during the days

Don't get me wrong, I love those sweet moments with him while I nurse him, but it really makes the hour or so I have in-between so very precious. Thank goodness I have been able to get in some walks, a nap here and there, and even a little bit of time for cleanup and laundry. My house is no where near what it usually looks like pre-baby, but I feel like I have been able (with the help of hubby + family!) to stay on top of the important stuff! Never did I value a free hour like I do now!