Boat trip to Capri

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I'm happy I still have our vacation photos to go through these days as our Kansas City temperatures are topping out in the high 90's with lots of humidity making it tough to want to be outside! I love photography for many reasons but ultimately I think its because its my quickest escape to old memories. Even though this trip to Capri wasnt  much more than a month ago, scrolling through all of these just instantly transports me out of the KC heat wave right onto our boat in the Mediterranean.

A few days before our friends wedding in Positano, the pair had chartered a boat for the whole group in town for the wedding. It was the perfect day (but lets be honest, most days we were in Italy were perfect) and the one and a half hour trip to the famous Island of Capri was filled with dancing, food, and views of the Amalfi coast in all its splendor.

Unfortunately, once we arrived in Capri, due to some logistic issues with unloading onto the island, we didn't have much time on the island to explore, but were able to all sit down for lunch and take in some spectacular views of the blue green water against the jagged rocky coast. (and I think it was better that way.. now I just have a reason to make the trip back to see more!)

The most incredible part of the trip for me was pulling back into Positano as the setting sun was pouring golden rays over the little coastal town. You have to see Positano from both angles - looking out at the ocean from above, AND pulling into it from the coast. (Luckily we had caught it at my favorite time of day as well!)

Another day in paradise, I tell you!... Take me back??