39 weeks


This could possibly be my last "bumpdate!!!" I know you are probably ready for me to be done with them..I know I am! Thanks so much to those of you who have followed along, it has been really fun for me to document the growing bump and my ups and downs and adventures along the way! Can't wait to meet baby C!

39 weeks pregnant
39 weeks pregnant

Size: Baby is the size of a pumpkin (yikes!) and about 19.9 inches long and 7.23 pounds

How far along: 39 weeks

Sleep: Still sleeping but definitely feeling the extra weight as I turn over. I feel like I wake up a lot more and make more trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night as well. But overall, I can't complain it could be much worse.

 Food Cravings: counting down the days until I can have a salmon roll. I also keep continuing to crave iced coffee drinks all the time! Which of course I watch my caffeine intake, but I still want it nonstop!

Food Aversions: none

 Symptoms: I feel like the babe is just way down low and makes it hard to do anything too active. I have been having a lot of cramping, but nothing I would consider a contraction..just yet.

 Workouts: Trying to walk this babe out! I also still jump on the bike from time to time, but I have been having Braxton-Hicks whenever I am too active to the point where it makes me really uncomfortable. So walking is what I have been doing instead!

 Doctor's Appointments: Tomorrow and I am very excited to see if I have progressed since last week, and also to see when I might expect to be induced if he doesn't want to come on his own.

  Movement: Less movement, just because I am sure he is taking up ALL the room possible in there. Some shifting movements and lots of hiccups!

 Best moment of the week: I have finally reached that "ahhhh" moment of feeling like if little man came tomorrow, I would be 100% okay with that. Work is caught up, house is clean for the most part, and his room and all his essentials are waiting for him!

What I am looking forward to: I just can't wait to meet him. Plain and simple.