34 weeks

34 weeks bump update

Size: Baby is now the size of a butternut squash and is about 17.2 inches long and 4.63 pounds

How far along: 34 weeks

Sleep: Great, especially after being active all day on our trip. I hardly have been waking up in the night at all! (i think baby is still high so I don't need to make as many trips to the bathroom right now)

 Food Cravings: gelato, but thats probably just because its everywhere and...who doesn't want gelato?

Food Aversions: none

 Symptoms: I think I am just on a high of being in Italy because I have been feeling so great, with little to no problems at all. No heartburn, little back pain, just feeling really good.

 Workouts: We are currently in Positano, so the amount of stairs we do to get around town is definitely worthy of the "exercise" label.

 Doctor's Appointments: As soon as we get back-final ultrasound to see how he's doing!

 Movement: lots of rolling around, some hiccups, and some kicks up near my ribs.

 Best moment of the week: Even though it hasn't happened yet, I know tomorrow- watching Daniel and Molly get married will probably be the highlight of this entire trip!

 What I am looking forward to: Enjoying our last few days in Europe- then when we return home, its almost baby time!! So lots of getting ready for his arrival.

 What I miss? I am pretty content with everything right now. 

 What else? Just again feeling blessed this week: for a painfree and enjoyable trip. For quality time with my husband and now friends and family in a beautiful & unique place!