White hot summer nights in the south of France

white dress 33 weeks pregnant

First off, we have just currently just arrived in gorgeous Positano for the wedding week of our best friends and it is every bit of breathtaking as I imagined. We have a week packed full of events and we couldn't be more excited to share this experience with some of our closest friends! So I apologize for this quick little post but there are beautiful sights to be seen!!

Last week we started our European adventure in Nice, where we stayed for a few days to enjoy the beach, the amazing food, and beautiful landscapes. We had a proper date night every night eating mussels, pasta, and seafood. Its always fun to get dressed up and so having a few nights in a row to do so was pretty amazing. This white dress is super simple, so I spiced it up with a neck scarf. It's non-maternity too for anyone not 7.5 months preggo like me! (AND its on super sale <20$!)

Now off to explore Positano!! Have a wonderful start to your week!