White maternity jeans, ftw!

white maternity jeans

White jeans are one of those things that I can never find the right pair that fit the way I want them to. I have never had any luck in the white jean department - they was always something I didn't like about the fit: too thin, not stretchy enough, hit me too short or too long. Who would have thought it would have ended up being a maternity jean that fit me the best?? This is my first pair of "under-the-bump" jeans. The rest of my maternity jeans have the stretchy elastic that comes up high.. which I am a fan of in the way that they are extremely comfortable.. but they also make it challenging when I am trying to find a shirt that is long enough and covers the stretchy panel. I must say, these low jeans aren't QUITE as comfortable, but are still stretchy and do the job of meeting my cute but comfortable standard. Plus finding tops to wear is a little bit easier as there is no panel to hide!