Make it work! and a little bit on packing for Europe

floral maternity dress

My motto thus far as my baby bump grows has been to just make it work. If its not deemed "maternity" clothing, I look for things with high waist ties or seams, or if the cinch in the waist is too low, I will try to pull it up over the bump and see what it looks like that way. As long as it doesn't pull too high where the dress gets too short, I usually still find a way to wear it. This dress is not maternity and I had it before I got pregnant. The tie on the waistband is actually supposed to sit a little lower, but in this case it looked cute to pull it up too. So luckily I can still wear this one - at least now before I get much bigger!

I have been starting to go through my closet in preparation for packing for our trip to Europe in.. NINETEEN DAYS! and as I know I still have some time to get a lot bigger (baby has been hungry and growing a LOT lately!) it has been a bit of a challenge knowing what and how to pack. It will be hot, we will probably be out and about quite a bit, and so flowy and light clothing items are a must. As I have been trying on my clothes, I am taking note of the things that are actually comfortable and worthy of walking around in the hot sun for a couple hours at a time. Dresses and shirts that require a strapless bra might be totally out as its just far too uncomfortable to wear a strapless in the hot sun! Comfy (yet still cute!) shoes are a must-pack item too! Coming soon I will post about my checklist for the trip, so stay tuned!