The maternity dress perfect for summer

striped maternity dress

I may have found the perfect fitting maternity dress! It's not constricting, it's loose and flowy, but yet not too bulky or boxy. The maternity section of Target always has cute dresses but this was the first one I have actually decided to purchase because I knew it would be perfect later on this summer when its hot and humid, and when putting on anything form fitting while 8 months pregnant in June will probably not be a desirable option!

I have been thinking a lot lately about body image as mine continues to change. I will probably explore this more in another post, but I was honestly pretty worried- not about the changes that I would be going through, but rather how my mind would handle it. I have heard it both way from pregnant women - some people feel not themselves and some embrace the change. I am definitely not claiming that it has been a totally smooth transition, I have my days where my body image sinks down a little bit, but most of the time I am willing and happy to take on the extra pounds and curves that I am accumulating slowly, week by week. I think that more than anything I just feel blessed to be growing this little baby, and want him to grow strong and healthy. In the end that is all that matters to me.