Mochi pup

meg and mochi

We adopted Mochi almost 2 years ago when he was about 4 months old. He was pretty much the perfect puppy as he was for the most part house trained, and we only had a few chewing-of-the-furniture mishaps! He has been a huge part of our lives ever since, and it is taking care of him that I'm sure has us extra-excited to become human parents. (Dogs/babies...the same thing right?) Mochi lives the dream puppy-dog life as he gets to frequently visit doggy daycare, his favorite, most - happening spot for dogs in Kansas CIty. Which also means he gets to ride in the car quite often as well, which is maybe his second favorite thing. 

I remember, before Mochi, I don't think I quite understood when people would talk like they were obsessed with their dog. Of course I love dogs, and all animals for that fact, but I do remember thinking it was silly when someone showed a little too much excitement over there pooch. BUT I TAKE IT ALL BACK. I am 100% unashamed to state that I, Megan A Cusick am obsessed with my dog. He is the best. 

We have been taking advantage of warm days and taking as many walks as we can. (good for both Mochi, and baby!) We're hoping that Mochi can learn to be a good walker with a stroller, so I can take both him and baby out this summer and fall. 

The countdown is on!... 3 more months!!