Favorite Skirts of the Season

black hight waist skirt maternity style

I don't know about you, but I have been really enjoying this spring weather. I think the older I get the more I appreciate the warmer days and the blooming of all the flowers and trees. I think every year I forget just how green and alive everything gets after a winter of grey skies and naked treetops. 

This is our second spring in our new neighborhood of Brookside and recently I have been doing a lot more exploring - early morning runs and walks with Mochi pup - up and down the streets, discovering new little areas that I was probably too busy to really appreciate before.

We have now been in our home for about a year and I love it more and more. Its an older home that had been completely redone, and while there are few drawbacks to a home built in the 1920's like difficulty properly heating and cooling the upstairs, and getting some water in the basement when it rains, the goods overwhelmingly outweigh the bads. I love the character that is found in every detail, and all the windows and the sunlight that comes flooding through them. I love that this home and this neighborhood will be where our son's first memories take place. I know there is appeal in moving to the suburbs one day - more space, good schools, etc. but I just don't know if I will ever want to exchange the character of our neighborhood now, for more room and a slightly bigger yard. 

With this nice weather we have had for almost a week now, I don't think I have worn jeans once. I think the warmer it gets, the more buried my jeans will become, especially as the belly gets bigger. This black skirt is a great basic I picked up last year, and I have a bunch more on my list to last me these couple of pregnant summer months I have coming up. And the best part is that I can continue to wear them after baby- that is always a plus!