26 weeks


Well HELLO baby!! Some weeks I feel like I look pretty much the same, while others I feel like I have doubled in size! This is one of those baby growth-spurt weeks!


Size: Baby is now the size of a coconut and is about 14 inches long and 1.7 pound!

How far along: 26 weeks

Sleep: Sleep has been extra great lately, and I think I contribute that to some busy days and lots of exercise. Once my head hits the pillow, I am out like a light and only wake up a once or twice to pee in the night (thats down from the 5 or 6 earlier on!)

 Maternity Clothes? Lately its been warm enough for dresses which is GREAT.

 Food Cravings: I always come back to sushi. And also I always want almond butter too. (I have been going through a jar of Trader Joe's almond butter every week and a half or so!!)

Food Aversions: nothing really

 Symptoms: Still having trouble eating normal sized meals without feeling full. Just getting used to nibbling all day. Otherwise I feel pretty great!

 Workouts: I feel SO good! I feel very in shape and still feel like I can keep up with pre-pregnant me. HOWEVER, I went for a run last Sunday and baby was so low that it was sort of uncomfortable. I feel him just right on top of my bladder and I couldn't run comfortably for long. But other times when I run its fine, so it just depends on his position.

 Doctor's Appointments: Next week I believe

 Movement: This kid has been doing lots of somersaults lately. It sort of feels like how your stomach feels on a roller coaster! But lots more activity in general, and I have been really enjoying it!

 Best moment of the week: Brandon and his brother built the crib and hung curtains! Slowly but surely all is coming together!  

 What I am looking forward to: Now my sights are set on our upcoming trip to Italy in May! My doctor cleared me to go as long as all stays well, and so far so good! Can't wait!

 What I miss? I always forget to mention this one but I really miss riding my bike outside. Now that its nice, there are so many bikers everywhere and I get really jealous. Brandon and I used to bike quite a bit, and I have really grown to love it. Can't wait to get back out there this fall!

 What else? Now that spring is here, I feel like our calendars are full of activities! Wedding and baby showers, birthing classes, dinners and happy hours with friends. I just know that these next few months are going to fly by!