Jett Oliver: 5 months

Jett 5 months

Jett, my son, you have now been bringing joy to our lives for 5 whole months now! This past month has been hands down my favorite (although I always say that) as your personality has grown ten times over.. which is a lot to say considering it was a big one to begin with. It is your very first Christmas and you love gazing at the lights on our tree and we can just see the wheels turning in your head as you stare at them with such amazement. You are reaching out for your toys and talking to them at the same time with the chattery “bird noises” you make and it is one of my favorite activities to watch you do! We got you a bouncer and you LOVE to jump and giggle as you have noticed you have really gained some independence.. finally! You CAN roll over if you want to but you don’t really care too much about that party trick just about yet. You have been on a little growth spurt, hungry all the time and we can definitely feel those extra pounds you are putting on when we airplane you around the house! You have tried your first solid foods- first a little bite of pumpkin pie that daddy snuck in, and most recently you have been really enjoying sweet potatoes. Tomorrow we leave for your very first international trip to Jamaica for Christmas! We have your little passport ready... eagerly awaiting that first stamp when we arrive on Saturday afternoon. Jett, you are the sweetest little boy and I thank God every single day for you. You bring SO much joy to our lives and watching you grow and learn is hands down the most miraculous things I have ever witnessed. We love you baby boy!!!