Matching with mini

matching beanies

I have expressed my feelings about summer and summer clothes over and over again - (and if you have been following along for awhile now, you know this!) but it is funny how now that I am responsible for dressing baby Jett as the seasons change... winter has quickly become my favorite as the level of baby cuteness seems to increase as the temperature drops. I mean... have you ever seen a baby in a beanie? Footie pajamas? I.can't.even.

Jett has a pretty big noggin, so all the hats I had for his age just DO NOT FIT. I finally have a good collection of properly sized beanies and hats and now his head is properly warm and cozy when we go outside for walks or rides in the car!

In other news... we recently went through all his clothes to clear out what doesn't fit him anymore.. and I was not prepared with how sad I would be taking them out of his closet and putting them away in storage! You hear ALL the time how fast they grow.. but I wouldn't believe it until I saw it. I am going to say the cliche phase all parents say of "time please slow down!"

A few more days until Christmas! I am happy to say that I am totally prepared and all the last minute gifts have been purchased and are ready to go! Anyone else say EVERY year that they will get it done early, only to wait until the last minute yet again?? Me...always.