Winter Whites (and looking for some feedback!!)

all white

Hey all! It's cyber Monday! If you are following any fashion bloggers at all, I am sure you are all probably being bombarded with shopping guides and links where to find the best deals online. I however will not be posting anything like that today- (so sorry if that's what you came here looking for!) - other then a quick mention that all of these pieces in THIS blog post can be found on major sale (and you can find the links below!).

Instead, I am asking a favor from YOU, the reader of this little blog. I started this website last year as a fashion blog - sharing my outfits and trying my best to pretend to be a model to share my favorite clothes and where to buy them. I realize that over the past year its turned into so much more - travel, pregnancy, babies, fitness, photography. Kind of all over the place in terms of my passions and interests. I probably will continue to share all these things that spark my interest, no matter how across the board they are, but I would LOVE to also get some feedback from my readers! Is there anything you wish I would share more of? Less of? Anything that I haven't talked about that you want to see? I'm interested to hear from you!

What I love about this blog is having a place to keep all my memories and explore my passions, but it is also nice to hear what you have to say! Leave me a comment, shoot me an email or feel free to send me a Direct Message on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!

Happy shopping friends, I wish you the best of luck on Cyber Monday!<3