Fall in full swing


Every week I think to myself - ok now THIS must be the peak of fall foliage - and then every week after that I think again - no THIS is the peak. This year fall in Kansas City has just been phenomenal. I always thought living back in Boston that we had the best fall season and that nowhere else could ever compare... but KC, you surprise me ever year!

I'm excited to whip out all my boots and "cozy" sweaters... (I really hate when everyone says how "cozy" a sweater is.. its the number one adjective I hear for fall and honestly as much as I hate saying it... it's true). I don't want to go on much more about describing this outfit because lets get real, no one wants to read 3 paragraphs about me describing what I'm wearing! So bottom line - bring on the sweaters and winter layers! I'm finally ready to let go of summer.

In other news, as crazy as life seems these days, I FINALLY feel like there is some sort of rhythm that can be found in my days. We have learned so much about Jett in his near-4 months of life, and that in itself helps ease my mind and calm my fears of the unknown. Each day is definitely an adventure, and I am sure curveballs will be thrown here and there, but I can't tell you how much I love seeing this little boy grow up. I wouldn't change life as we know it now for the world.