Its been awhile, little blog. Almost two months to be exact. 

Shortly after our Colorado trip, I felt myself losing motivation to write, to take photos and edit photos.. to even get out and DO things. I was tired and didn't feel like myself. The thought of typing in my blogs web address sounded exhausting and unappetizing. Even posting to Instagram seemed like a chore. 

About two weeks later, it all made sense why.



Surprise!! I'm 14 weeks pregnant now, and the secret is out!

Baby Cusick is coming July 2017!!

I was so excited today when I woke up and found myself wanting to write again. What they say about the 1st trimester is no joke!! I was tired, nauseous and unmotivated. It really broke my heart that I didn't want to work on my blog anymore- a project that usually brings me such joy!

The winds have definitely changed over the past week and I feel like my old self again. And I cannot wait to document this journey!

So much to update you all on!

Stay tuned!