Friday Thoughts

Rather than write out a couple of paragraphs for today's post, I want to keep it short and neatly organized into a little list. Here are some thoughts for you...AND for me (when I forget and need the reminder)

1. Always get up for the workout class. Even if its dark, and cold, and your bed seems so comfortable. You will never be mad you did.

2. Listen to NPR every now and then on your drive to work. Sometimes those top 40 pop songs replay way too much. And NPR is ALWAYS interesting once you actually commit to listening.

3. The laundry bin will always fill up again. No need to waste huffing and puffing over the fact that theres always laundry to do. Get over it, don't waste the energy.

4. Travel. It will change you for the better.

5. You don't need that second cup of coffee. I know it tastes so good, but don't do it, one is just fine.

6.  Send someone something in the mail. Its totally unexpected and appreciated. 

7. Bring your camera with you wherever you go. Take photos, print photos, Post those photos online if you want. Memories are priceless, so keep on takin' em.

Have a wonderful Friday friends!