Hiking in FoCo

Every time I make it out to see my parents in Ft. Collins, its always nice to go hiking...since the opportunities to do so in Kansas City are pretty non-existent. 

I keep mentioning the weather, but I just can't get over how warm its been all the way up to now-MID-NOVEMBER! This day we set out to hike was forecasted to be around 70 degrees, but we figured the higher we got it may be a little bit chilly, and dressed in layers just in case. My zip up outer layer lasted probably 5 minutes and we realized it was going to be quite toasty for the entirety of the hike.

Horsetooth mountain is my favorite hike in Ft. Collins, and gives you the best views of the area. I wish for photography's sake that we could have had some better evening light as the pictures come out looking so harsh and don't do the actual views any justice!

The very last couple hundred feet of the hike is maneuvering up a huge boulder on top of the mountain. Once you get up there the views are incredible and I only wished we would have packed a lunch to sit and enjoy while we were up there!

I'm really getting spoiled with this weather. I think its only a matter of time before the winter lashes out and takes over. I really hope its a mild winter somewhat like last year, but I am bracing myself with the thoughts of the worst possible scenario! (but please winter, be nice!)