Visiting the Fam

B and I booked a quick trip to Colorado about a month ago to come see my family for the weekend. Growing up, we moved every couple of years as my Dad, who coaches collegiate basketball, would take new jobs at different schools around the country. When people ask me where I am from, its hard to really identify a home town as I don't feel like I belong to one particular place over another. Now my parents are in Colorado, which I love because coming to visit means endless outdoor activity opportunities, unique local restaurants and beautiful weather. 

I packed this lazy-girl friendly blanket cape, which is probably my new favorite thing I own. When did selling blankets as clothes become socially acceptable? I am not sure, but I approve!

Another favorite recently trendy item- the high waisted jean, is now taking over my closet and quickly pushing my old low rise jeans to the side. I hope they stick around forever, lets do all in our power to make sure they do!! 

Also, a shout out to dry shampoo and half up hair-do's. I've been trying to grow out my hair for the past couple of months and for someone who used to wash their hair daily, it has been so hard adjusting to washing every other day, or even every two days- which I'm told is so much better for my hair. But I think I have finally mastered how to manage it, without feeling like a walking greaseball!

Hope you have a great Monday!!

Hey B!! I see you!