9 months of dressing the Bump

9 months of dressing the Bump

I actually have really enjoyed dressing the growing bump the last 9 months. Sure, it definitely presents it's challenges when your waistline continues to grow at record speed, and you wake up feeling twice the size you did the day before, but I feel like I have been able to navigate these new waters of being pregnant (and still loving what you are wearing!) pretty well.

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Pulling off a romper with a baby bump

lavender romper

I kept complaining that I wished I could wear a romper this summer. I have seen so many cute rompers and I just assumed that having a baby bump meant rompers were off limits. I thought it would hit me in a funny spot and it just wouldn't look right. I decided to try this one on- grabbing two sizes bigger in order to accommodate a bigger waist. I was surprised when it not only fit, but actually didn't look weird in the way I thought it would in my head- it was actually kind of cute still! So let this be a PSA to all the fashionable pregnant ladies out there - don't write something off until you try it! Try a romper that has a nice elastic waist and size up a size or two if needed. I bought another one recently for our trip to Italy (and hoping it still fits by then!). And the best part is I can wear them later this summer after baby is born!

Happy Friday friends!!