What I bought on Amazon this month: May


I remember when Amazon Prime was a new “thing” and Brandon and I would use it for things like toilet paper and paper towels. Never would I think that one day I would actually be buying everything from clothes, to baby toys and even rugs and fake plants! (I also thank Amazon for making all other online retail stores that don’t offer 2 day shipping off my list of places to shop!)

I am ALWAYS interested in what people are buying on Amazon - and so here is my contribution to the pool of great things to buy on Amazon! All these items I actually bought over the last month or so and I approve of!

amazon finds


Love all these dresses I ordered! (My favorite is the Cheetah print button down dress!)

Jewelry & Accessories

These SCRUNCHIES are my second order of the same pack. (Where do I lose them - I don't understand!) I wear these every day - around the house or up in a cute bun for errands - to get my hair up in the summer heat! $5.99 can’t go wrong!

BARRETTES! Both pack of Barrettes (PEARL) & (MARBLED) I wear all the time. Great way to add a fun pop to your hair.

COWRIE SHELL necklaces are all the new rage (brings back pooka shell vibes from my middle school days and I’m not mad about it!)

Recreate or enhance your summer beachy hair look with this BEACH WAVE iron.


As we start to pack up boxes for our move, I want to label each box with the room that they belong. I went to Target to buy colored duck tape for this purpose but wasn’t about to spend 5-6$ a roll for 5-6 rooms! I went on Amazon and bought this pack of 6 COLORED DUCK TAPE for 13$ total

Recently had tried these THERAPY MASSAGE BALLS at a gym and went online immediately went on Amazon and bought some for home.

Don’t tell Brandon but this is part of his Fathers Day gift: This LABEL MAKER will make his label making dreams come true (He actually will love this!)

After doing my research for the best PURPLE SHAMPOO I am giving THIS ONE a try

Trying to beef up my home gym equipment with this inexpensive BENCH

Making my way through this MEMORY MAKING MOM book and loving it! It gives you ideas on how to create special traditions with your kiddos whether its little things daily/weekly, or the big things on holidays!

Toddler / Baby

This WATER TABLE is a huge hit for toddlers!!

Been using these disposable PLACE MATS for Jett when we eat out for about a year! Makes clean up so much easier. Plus he practices his letters and numbers!

I just love these cute TODDLER SANDALS for Jett

On our second pair of ADIDAS CLASSICS - went up an extra size so J can grow into them!

First thing I have purchased for baby #2!! This RIBBED BODYSUIT is good quality and not a funky size unlike some baby items I have ordered on Amazon. I have seen these in more expensive online shops and these are only $10! We got it in white, but theres lots of colors!

Another purchase for Baby #2! This KIMONO STYLE WRAP with the palm print is so cute!