Jett is ONE!

jett is one

Jett is ONE YEAR OLD!!! Our little guy turned one on Friday, and although his birthday party isn't until this Saturday, we had to celebrate the day of by taking him to a splash pad with close family and friends! He loved every minute of it and he didn't stop smiling the entire time. Now more than ever we are realizing how much of a social butterfly he is (ahem... just like his daddy!)... when he sees other babies or kids he giggles and tries to crawl over and join in the fun! After the splash pad we went to Brandon's parents house to open a few presents and let Jett dig into his mini-cake. At first he just played with the frosting, and gently took a few bites. I think as soon as that sugar hit his tongue he realized what sort of delectable treat he had stumbled upon and started to DIG in. It was the perfect little celebration day. We had so much fun, and took so many photos it was really hard to choose JUST a handful to share. I think when I first went through them there were about 125 and cutting them down to sub 30 was so hard! Time to upgrade our hard drive, I forsee millions of photos in our future!