My morning & evening routine with IMAGE Skincare

meg cusick skincare routine
meg cusick skincare routine
image skincare routine

Taking care of my skin has become SO important to me over the last few years. It was just this year that I made it one of my New Years Resolutions to really start focusing on a daily routine and to dive in and make the investment into products that give me the protection and care that I desire and deserve!

I started using Image Skincare in January after I pledged to take better care of my skin. Before finding this line of products, I was a soap + water + CVS brand lotion on my face girl (I am embarrassed to admit!) Since incorporating a morning and night routine I have noticed a HUGE change in the texture, feel, and look of my skin. These products brighten, hydrate and leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed! I am so pleased with my results that I wanted to share all the Image Skincare products I love and use every day and my go-to skin routine for both morning and night...(AND let you know that there may be a GIVEAWAY happening over on my Instagram account @megcusick, so you don't want to miss out!)

my skincare routine

Morning AND Night

1. Cleanse: I first use water to gently wash my face and then I apply ORMEDIC balancing facial cleanser - I massage it into my skin for 30 sec - 1 minute, then wash off and use a towel to gently dry my face.

2. Anti-Age ProtectionApply ILUMA IntenseLightening Serum. This serum is great for evening out any skin discoloration and just makes my face feel bright and clean! I usually use about a pump and a half to get enough of the serum that will cover my entire face. I then let my face dry before applying any lotion.

3. Moisturize: Now the first two steps are the same both morning and evening (cleanse + Anti-Age protection). But the type of moisturize I use depends on the time of day:

            Morning: I apply the daily ultimate protection moisturizer SPF 50. I love this moisturizer because it contains sunscreen without feeling heavy or sticky, which most SPF lotions do!

            Evening: I apply the ILUMA intense brightening crème. This lotion feels lightweight yet leaves my skin feeling deeply moisturized. It also helps to diminish age spots and hyper-pigmentation to give my skin a more even, radiant tone. 

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