Mom Sweater + Boyfriend Jeans (and a little on our plans for spring & summer!)

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"Momiform" in all definitions of the word over here! I just recently bought these Madewell boyfriend jeans - my first "boyfriend" style jean I have ever had! These are great because they still feel like the fit around the waist (with stretch of course- can't live without the stretch!) but still have a more relaxed, less form-fitting shape. I would think that in order to make this type of jean look good, you would have to balance out the top with something a lot more form-fitting. BUT.. I tried them with this Free People free-flowing sweater and I loved the overall look! This sweater is perfect for spring transition BTW - I can imagine I'll be wearing it even into summer on chilly nights where a light cover up is needed. 

Speaking of spring - As the temperature rises (well on some days it rises) and Jett gets older, we are just SO excited for what warmer days will bring for us as a family! We are already taking advantage of the park down the street from our home - a quick block walk away. Jett right now loves the swings and watching the other kids play. When summer rolls around, he will be more mobile, and we can't wait to get out and go to places like the zoo, a local splashpad, and other bigger parks in the area. 

If you are a mom and have any good suggestions of summer ideas for a 9-12 month old please share!

Have a great weekend!