February in Review

February in Review

February Highs

The weather has had its moments, but also there have been a handful of days where it seems that Spring is right around the corner. Jett loves to get outside and we have gone on a walk every day that it has been sunny and warm(ish). We went on a job for the first time together - Jett's first time facing forward in our jogger stroller... and he LOVED IT. It's also a lot harder to run and push a stroller than I thought it would be! Double the workout, I tell ya. 

Honestly I feel like I've been super inspired creatively for the past couple of weeks and I am really in the groove of getting up early enough in the morning to work on my passion projects. I have SO MUCH great stuff to come, and I am excited to share more as the days continue on!

Brandon and I went on TWO WORKOUT DATES which has been so special for me - as I love to share my love of fitness WITH the one I love. We had so much fun doing them together and we plan on continuing trying some new classes together. I also agreed that I would try getting back into tennis again (Brandon's sport of choice) so that we can start playing together this summer. Or at least keeping up a volley for a decent amount of time, anyway!

Jett is a fun guy. So many new baby words. Dada, Baba, MAMA (this is rare but he HAS said it!), and lots of other fun non-english words. Not crawling quite yet, but considering this a blessing right now as he just stays where you put him and you don't have to worry about him crawling off and getting into anything!

February not-so-highs

Oh my goodness.. we have all FINALLY gotten over what seems to have been a month long cold. Jett got it before the rest of us- his first cold ever, poor guy. It disrupted his sleep a couple nights and he was so congested it was hard for him to get good rest. I had a cold soon after, which morphed into a sinus infection and its only been the last couple of days where I feel pretty much back to normal! 

We're feelin' a bit stir crazy after months of cold weather. I think all of us are impatiently waiting for the first signs of life after winter along with some sunshine and green anything. Our house feels stagnant with recycled air and we are just ready to open up some windows and let some fresh air in!

This last one technically happened on the very last day of February ( and I am sure we are not through the woods just yet) but Jett woke up screaming and sobbing big tears to what we have determined is the showing of his very first tooth (so sad to hear him in pain! poor guy!). At first we couldn't figure out what was happening because typically he is such a great sleeper and doesn't cry if he wakes up in the night. But after the third wake up we realized a tooth breaking through was most likely the culprit. Tylenol seemed to really help, luckily enough and he was finally able to get some rest. Last night went much better and we had no tears in the night, so crossing our fingers from here on out we can manage his pain appropriately!

Hey March! Sooo happy to see you!