January in Review

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January in Review


January Highs:

January in general was just a really great month.

 I am sitting here trying to articulate what it was exactly that made it that way, but honestly I can’t put my finger on one thing or another. I think for the most part we are really finding our groove in the adventures of parenting, and Jett has been such a joy to watch grow and learn by the day. I feel like with each new stage I say that its my new favorite with him, but holy moly has this 6 month stage been just so much fun. He is so interested in everything now, you can just see the curiosity in his eyes as he takes in the world around him. 


January has been a very low-key month as far as plans and activities and trips. I got a lot of time to rest and relax - lots of nights in watching Netflix with Brandon. As much as I love my occasional night out, I’m just a homebody at heart.. especially in the winter when the bitter cold evenings give me no reason to want to get out and about. 


I made a commitment to myself to really rejuvenate my blogging efforts after taking a step back to figure out exactly what I wanted from it. I know that social media can get a bad rap for its ability to make people feel jealous of others, or over-critical of themselves but I truly believe it can be used to inspire, lift up, and create meaningful relationships. I have not only learned so much about myself, but grown in ways I never thought possible - all thanks to this little blog project. I think this month I have experienced more highs than ever before - and it has nothing to do with how many followers I have or how many hits my website gets but rather in the relationships I have created and the passions that have been re-lit in my heart for creating and sharing content that I love.


January Not-so-Highs

There’s no getting around that its winter - and January was a bitterly cold one. January is the runner-up for my least favorite month- February probably being number one. Just because Holidays are over, its cold, its dark and I get tired of feeling cooped up at home. I miss taking walks with Jett, and just being outside in general. Looking forward to spring and it can’t come fast enough!


Jett came down with his first cold - which it just so happen to coincide during the few days that Brandon was out of town on business. It was a rough few days as I navigated my first ever “sick baby situation”. Luckily we were cleared for the flu and we only had a few days of a fussy, sick baby before he seemed to get back to himself again. It was so hard to see Jett so uncomfortable and not be able to really do much for him other than hope baby Tylenol helped him feel better. 


As I mentioned in my list of highs - blogging has certainly offered some great moments this month, but theres no denying that mid January I also hit a huge low and it hit me pretty hard. I don’t feel this way often but I also know that its times like these that allow me to step back and really refocus on what I want out of it. It allows me to see what parts of social media are not serving me and make changes. I realized I needed to surround myself (both virtually and in real life) with people that build me up, and inspire me. Anyone that made me feel bitter, jealous, or unworthy isn’t worth my time to follow. I haven’t completely figured out my optimal healthy social media practices but I’m getting there. I think its always worth being honest here both with readers and myself that my life isn’t always picture perfect and of course I am more apt to show the highlight reel. But I definitely struggle with all sorts of things from the stress of motherhood to working through the ups and downs of marriage. I think we all need to remind ourselves that as we scroll through social media feeds and start to feel the jealousy creep in. No one is perfect, no one has a “perfect” life, and we all struggle. Period.

Bring on February.. thank goodness its a short month, I am ready for March and the first little glimpse of spring!