Mules for Spring


Happy Monday all, I know Monday's get a bad rap, but honestly, since I am such a fan of routine, its always nice to get back into it after a weekend of just going with the flow! Brandon just got back in town last night and Jett and I are just sooo happy to have him home! Jett picked up a new word (or I guess you can just call it a "sound") in just the short amount of time B was gone - "BaBa!".. were still working on MAMA, but I can see it in his eyes he wants it! 

Let's talk Mules!.. I can admit - my stock of loafers escalated from one pair to 5 or 6 pair preeeetttty quickly. I have always been a flats girl.. probably for the sole reason of comfort... but ballet flats have had their moment and its now all about the mule. Perfect for spring, as the weather heats up a little bit and there is no more snow on the ground, a good mule is versatile enough to go with pants, shorts, even dresses if you do it right. I have rounded up some of my favorite loafers to usher in the spring season, happy shopping!