Tuesday Mom Thoughts


Being a parent is tough. (real shocker right?) Life has drastically changed the last year and (almost!) a half. Vacation has a different meaning these days and presents new challenges yet also new joys! The days are structured around nap schedules and daily activities are chosen based upon what would be fun are most enjoyable for Jett…which is actually pretty great! Pools are for playing around in rather than just sitting lazily by. I have never been much of a pool lounger so I prefer this use of a pool MUCH more than pre-child.

I mentioned on my Instagram the other day that I hoped to learn some tips for traveling with a toddler this past weekend on our venture to Palm Springs. Truth be told - I don’t think I have anything worth sharing. Flying with Jett is TOUGH. Finding things to keep his attention for 2 hours + is TOUGH. What I do have to share is just the simple truth that the travel part is difficult & exhausting. Several times on this trip I thought to myself - “Never again!!” But you know what… we did it. And the memories we made were worth the stress of the 2 hours we sat on the flight. We learn little things as we go, and I don’t want to give up traveling as a family because of it. In 10, 20, 30 years, we will remember Jett’s big smile as he splashed in the pool, or the look of wonderment as her explores his new surroundings. Not the struggle of keeping him still on this flight.

Maybe after the next few flights I will have more to report back on what works for us vs. what doesn’t.. but for now - I’m with you mamas! It’s hard! We can vent about these challenges together!