Friday: Give 5, Take 5: growing out my blonde, favorite Date spot, favorite Holiday Traditions


This weeks question & answer series!


  1. How did you achieve your ombre hair look? How often do you get it done?

It was semi-accidental! I have been highlighting my hair blonde for years (after a few tries at going brunette, I always hated it and thought I looked better as a blonde) The idea of having brown hair always sounded like a fun change, but the few times I went for the change, I was always disappointed! Back when I was pregnant with Jett I had uber blonde hair, which was fun but so much upkeep and I just got tired of it. As it grew out I would ask for just a few low lights to break up the blonde at my roots so it didn’t have a line of brown to blonde. I got to a point where the break between the blonde highlights and my natural color was a nice blend and have just been letting it grow since. I get a few highlights maybe every 6 months or so- face framing and to keep it blended! I love how low maintenance it is and that I can have my natural color at my roots for these years before it gets TOO gray :P

2. What are you favorite workouts?

Well, if you know me on Instagram in the slightest, you probably know I am obsessed with Health House here in Kansas City! (Health House is a blend of rowing and strength training.. you can read my post on it here!) I pretty much exclusively work out here most days, with a sprinkle of at home workouts if I don’t have the time to get over to Health House. BBG (Bikini Body Guide) is hands down my favorite at-home workout to do : 28 minutes and its challenging and is a great option for little to no equipment! When I was first cleared to workout after having Jett, I did a bunch of Barre3 online workouts at home -they had a bunch of postpartum friendly workouts that felt good, and slowly got me feeling stronger. I also love to bike! This summer we didn’t get out as much as we would have liked, but we bought a bike trailer for Jett and he loved it!

3. Do you want more kids?

Yep! Not sure how many more, I always say I will take it one at a time.. so at least one more!

4. Favorite restaurant for date night in Kansas City?

Bella Napoli in Brookside. We frequent Bella Napoli quite .a bit. We are big lovers of authentic Italian and hands down this is the place to go! We typically order a pizza and pasta to split! (Fumoso Pizza + Ragu di Manzo)

5. What is your favorite Holiday Tradition?

Growing up, we were always traveling over Christmas - my dad was a college basketball coach, and would have tournaments around Christmas time. We spend a few Christmas-es in Hawaii, one year we were even in Alaska! I feel like Christmas has always brought something new and different each year and there hasn’t been much “tradition” although maybe the travels themselves can be considered tradition. I am actually VERY excited now that Jett is getting older - to start creating our very own traditions. We are always up for a Christmas trip - but December no matter what will be full of traditions!


I loved hearing your responses when I asked your favorite holiday traditions! (hope you don’t mind if we adopt some of these as our own!)

  1. “Pajamas as Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve! Then we wake up on Christmas in our new PJ’s - so fun” -@kyleeshrum

  2. Bundling up and doing a KC lights tour in the car! - @rjohnson2208

  3. Seeing It’s a Wonderful Life at a retro movie theatre - @ladulcevita16

  4. Family workout before we start cooking! @lauratrick3tt

  5. For kids: read the polar express on Christmas Eve then hiding bells to find Christmas morning - @kerrkl