From Gym to Street: My Favorite Athleisure Pieces

athleisure picks

Thank goodness that “athleisure” has become a thing! And I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. I love that workout clothes are being made more chic, and that its become more acceptable to wear it everywhere you go.

When I was in high school, people wore big baggy sweatpants to class - mostly the athletes that could get away with wearing their sport-related items and still be cool. It was a time when writing across your butt was SO COOL. (Do you remember those!?.. am I dating myself?) I definitely was one of those people who wore my sweats to class from time to time. It might just have been MY high school that did this though because I have talked with several friends who said this was absolutely not a thing where they were from. (small town in Iowa problems, I guess!)

BUT ANYWAYS. Athleisure - leggings and sneakers, with a cute pullover or sweater, this is MY kind of outfit. I am routinely guilty of working out and then running a bunch or errands before I get home to shower and get ready for the day, so I love finding pieces that allow me to still look put together after a good work out!

Tops /Sweaters/Pullovers