Pumpkin Patch Trip + a little Jett update: 15 months


We had finally dried out long enough (after a week straight of rain) to take a family trip to Deanna Rose to see all the animals, and take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and pick out a few for our front porch. This is our second time to Deanna Rose - properly titled “a children’s farmstead” as there are lots of farm animals and play areas, and interactive activities for kids - and its always worth the 30 or so minute drive (with a toddler who gets antsy sitting in his carseat for longer than 10 minutes).

Jett loves the goats and giggles with excitement whenever they come over to him. He also just loves to run around and explore every inch of the property because its all new, and he is a big explorer.

The pumpkin patch area was great for little ones as there were TONS of activities - corn box (imagine a sand box, but instead of sand its dried corn kernals) a “sensory wall” with lots of buttons and things to push that toddlers seem to LOVE, as well as a corn maze and hay slide. Jett picked out his own little pumpkin - then we headed back to run around on the playground for a bit before going home!

Jett at 15 months

So the entire first year of Jett’s life I gave a monthly update because SO much changes month-to-month and I didn’t want to forget all those special moments! I realized I hadn’t given a proper update since one year - and a lot has changed since then so I thought it was time!

Jett is A BUSY BODY. He is social and curious and when wants to do things all by himself. If we go out to dinner - food only distracts him for so long before he wants to hop down and explore the restaurant. We frequent our favorite Italian spot - Bella Napoli often and everyone who works there is familiar with a wild & roaming Jett. He does love to eat though - and can eat more than I can at most meals. He can say “hiiii” and says it to anyone and everyone, including Mochi every single morning. Photos with him are almost impossible at this point if we are outside or somewhere new to him- if I pick him up to take a picture with me he immediately wants down and throws all his body weight in the other direction to try and wiggle his way out of my grasp. Which is why most photos of us together he may look upset or like he’s pulling away…

Jett LOVES to put his shoes on - and will constantly bring me his shoes when were at home and then sit in my lap so I can put them on. He also loves steps and reaches his little hand up so that he can hold your hand to conquer the step ahead of him. He is in constant search or steps no matter how big or small when we are outside. If the step is a small one and he can do it on his own he makes a little “ayyy!” noise after each and every one.

He is over his mom-attachment phase when I leave him at childcare he just waves and runs off to play. (However when I return, he sometimes takes 30 minutes to stop whining because I think he’s afraid I might leave again.. so I guess its like delayed attachment issues?… either way I’m happy he doesn’t cry when I leave him places anymore!)

Jett loves cars and steering wheels more now than ever before. When we go to the grocery store we will be across the parking lot from those carts that have the little pretend car/steering wheels on them and he will lunge for it out of my arms and giggle with excitement. Sometimes we go to Whole Foods when he’s grumpy and need something to do out of the house - just so he can play on those cars!

Overall, what a fun age little guy. You are growing so much EVERY DAY. We can’t wait for everything on the horizon as each day is getting better and better.

Love you Jett babe!