Jett Oliver: 6 months

baby jett 6 months

Jett babe, you are a HALF YEAR OLD! 6 months in our lives and each day gets better than the last. I am going to stop claiming that this last month has been my favorite, and just know that with each week comes with it even more joy and love. You have become so interested in the world around you that you must touch and study every object in sight. Mornings with you are my favorite time of the day as we move through the "baby circuit" that has become our living room. You have mastered the door jumper and you can see it in your eyes that you wish you could take it everywhere - that the distance traveled is not quite far enough. You can sit up unassisted for a good amount of time, especially if you are playing with your favorite ball. You constantly roll around your crib in your sleep and when I check on you on the monitor in the night I am amazed at how many times you end up in all these different positions. You really have taken an interest in Mochi, reaching out as if to pet him, and watching his every move (I think you guys will be best buds for a long time). You said "DADA" for the first time this month along with all sorts of other sounds that you have discovered you can make. Still waitin' on "MAMA" (but I know Dada is easier to say so it doesn't hurt my feelings too much)! Your thighs have gotten wonderfully chunky and so have your little baby cheeks. You LOVE the bath. You could kick around in that water for hours if you could. We have a ritual of looking at the "baby in the mirror" both before and after your bath, and you giggle at the sight of yourself everytime. Daddy and I take turns giving you your last bottle - rocking you slowly in your rocking chair before you go to bed for the night, and its one of my favorite things. You coo as we sing to you, and its those moments that all is right with the world. Gosh, we love you baby Jett. You are our favorite little guy.