Favorite Sneakers for Spring

spring sneakers

1. Adidas Orginals

2. Pink Vans

3. Nike One Knit Sneaker

4. Air Zoom Running Shoe

5. Adidas Lux Lightweight Running Shoe

6. Adidas All White

7. Tubular Viral 2 Sneaker

8. Presto Fly Sneaker

9. Lancer Sneaker

I have never been much of a pink person... I don't know if that stems from the fact that I was a total tomboy as a kid (you could find me in my Tasmanian Devil T-shirt playing basketball with the boys at recess) or just the fact that I never thought pink looked good on me... But somehow that is changing! Pink & blush keeps popping up more and more into my closet - and I am honestly not seeking it out, it just somehow finds me! My Adidas Lux Lightweight Running shoes are my absolute new favorites - they go with everything and I wear them to workout - to run errands - just everywhere! 

We will see where spring and summer takes us... I'm sure my pink days are just getting started.