Jett Oliver: Two Months

baby jett 2 months

Baby Jett is now 2 months old!!! Can't believe how much has happened in the span of 30 short days! Jett is now abundant with smiles and mornings are still his favorite time of day and the time when he loves to coo and kick around on his play mat or listen to daddy sing his silly songs before heading off to work. Jett is an excellent sleeper, now waking up just once in the night , and then sleeping until 8 sometimes 9 am! We're working on napping at home in the bassinet so mom can get some work done around the house! Jett prefers to nap in his stroller so that has meant many walks throughout the day (and a good excuse for mom to get in lots of exercise!) just recently we have had some success with a few naps at home that have been short lived, but are giving us hope that it's possible! Jett still loves the blow dryer and the changing table is one of his favorite places to be because he knows he will get his booty blow dried after a change. He has discovered sucking on his hands but still can't really figure out the pacifier, which is okay for now because he is such a happy baby that he hasn't really needed it. He has found his hands though and loves to suck on them when he gets a chance! We are still working on tummy time and he is getting the hang of it little by little. At his 2 month check up he was 11 pounds 13 ounces, 24 inches long and had a big ol' noggin, clocking in at 89th percentile. It has been such a fun month seeing him grow and hit so many milestones! Can't wait for what month 3 brings!